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Editore: TIMES BOOK  (2007)


A new edition of the world's most prestigious reference atlas. The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World is universally recognized as the world's most prestigious and authoritative reference atlas. Since its first edition in 1967 it has sold well over 1 million copies. Its detailed and beautifully created mapping represent the perfect blend This fully revised 12th edition brings all the maps and detailed thematic information completely up to date with the latest geographical and geo-political changes. The preliminary section, with contributions from experts in many geographical fields, provides detailed information on the key issues facing the world today, including climate change, environmental threats, global communications, biodiversity and energy resources. These are represented through maps, images, photographs and graphics which present a detailed picture of today's physical world and man's interaction with it. The section also includes an account of the evolution of world maps and of significant developments in cartography, and concludes with detailed geographical information on the world's physical features and the world's states and territories. The scope of the index is unique for a world atlas. It contains entries to over 200,000 places and geographical features, and includes a comprehensive set of alternative spellings for place names, allowing users to easily find what they are looking for. Context This edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World continues a tradition dating back to 1895 when the first Times Atlas was published. Today, this market-leading atlas is generated from Collins Bartholomew data which is trusted by UK government departments, international organizations and media companies. We maintain contact with over 500 organizations and experts to ensure our information is up to date. A change is made to the database every 3 minutes, ensuring that this and other atlases in the range are completely up to date and reliable. Collins and Times atlases have won 10 major cartographic awards over the last 5 years. Dimensions (cm): 45.600 x 31.600
Codice ISBN: 9780007236701

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