Editore: REAKTION BOOKS  (2013)


Bamboo has an unparalleled history; it is very old, and at the same time very new. Numerous species of bamboo are distributed widely throughout the world, and bamboo is utilized by hundreds of millions of people in a great number of ways. As well as being used in food, clothing and shelter, it is believed that the ?rst books were written on bamboo, and there is evidence that more than 5,000 years ago it was shaped by humans into musical instruments as well as the framework of housing. Bamboo also occurs in the creation beliefs of cultures across the globe.? Bamboo plays a vital role in the survival of many animals and ecosystems as well as having unique characteristics that offer potential solutions to modern ecological dilemmas - it grows extremely quickly, for example, making it an easily renewable resource. With the advent of modern research and technologies, the use of bamboo has increased dramatically - it competes with hardwoods as home flooring and can be found in the skins of aircraft and concrete reinforcements. This book draws on a vast array of sources to build a complete picture of bamboo in both history and our modern world.

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