di HELM,B.
Editore: APPLE  (2007)


A water feature or ornamental pond is a delightful addition to any garden. But how do you go about creating an idyllic pond and then maintain it so that it becomes a real asset to the whole garden? This practical guide is all you will need to be able to plan and install a garden pond appropriate to your garden, through to planting, stocking and maintaining it into its mature years. The emphasis is on building a pond that is close to nature, using the diverse life within it to help balance and maintain an attractive and healthy pond. Where pond equipment is used, it is done so sympathetically to the pond's overall function and appearance. Taking a holistic approach, this guide also introduces the philosophy behind maintaining a stable and balanced pond explaining the key role that water quality plays in helping water gardeners to achieve their goals. Water Gardens will lead you through from the start to a complete water garden, giving examples, explanations and sharing experiences. Ben Helm is a qualified marine biologist who has a wealth of fish keeping knowledge and experience. Currently the marketing and product manager for Nishikoi, Ben is a prolific writer, having work regularly published in the UK and overseas specialist aquatic press. He has also appeared on BBC TV and radio and has recently contributed to a book on Koi.

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