di AA.VV.
Editore: LORENZ BOOKS  (2013)


This title helps you discover the versatility of a beautiful courtyard garden, for entertaining, relaxing and extending your living space. It offers ideas for paths and paving with bricks, tiles, cobbles, gravel, railway sleepers and mosaics, and how to use walls, fences, plants, furniture, lighting and ornaments. It features a range of sites, including sunny, shady and windy, as well as structures suitable for children and pets. It includes suggestions for planting low-growing shrubs, pretty foliage plants, and flowers for seasonal interest. A well-designed courtyard gives years of pleasure. This useful handbook is packed with inspirational advice on creating the most attractive outdoor spaces. It considers the practical aspects of planning, as well as restrictions such as lack of light or space. It is full of ideas for overhauling the basic components of your garden, including surfaces, fences and plants, and describes how to make the most of special features such as ornaments and lighting to create the desired atmosphere. With illustrated examples, clear text and over 100 beautiful photographs, this is an essential guide for anyone wishing to maximize the potential of their patio or terrace.

Pagg. 64, cm 14x21, rilegato.
Codice ISBN: 9780754827658

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