di DETT A.
Editore: BENTELI  (2017)


Costa Rica is known around the world for its diversity of plants and animals. What is little known, however, is that the country is home to an astounding variety of butterflies that are only active at night. They gather wherever there is light, large and small moths with bizarrely shaped wings, spectacular patterns, conspicuous antennae and fabulous colors. Enthralled by this diversity of nocturnal butterflies, Armin Dett has traversed Costa Rica's rainforest, using his own light-trapping techniques to attract more than 500 different species of moths and documenting them photographically. This is the first large format, lavishly illustrated book to be dedicated to these animals, hidden during daylight hours but brought to light here through detailed photographs. The book is both beautiful and educational, offering the ideal beginners guide to the species-rich world of Costa Rica's moths.

Pagg. 192, cm 24x24, rilegato.
Codice ISBN: 9783716518403

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