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Editore: BECKER & MAYER BOOKS  (2017)


Crochet your own collection of cute and quirky stuffed animals! Featuring a range of adorable creatures, from a mom and baby owl set, to a group of alley cats (complete with fish bones and trash bins), this easy-to-use kit is a perfect introduction to the popular Japanese art of crochet called amigurumi. These animals take only a few hours to make, satisfying even amateur crafters eager to complete their first creation. Each project includes photographic, step-by-step instructions and patterns with alternate ideas, and the book opens with an introduction to standard crocheting techniques you'll use again and again. Along with a crochet hook, stuffing, and a felting needle, you'll get everything you need to create your first two projects: a plump tropical fish, and a goofy beaver with a felted tail. Just some of the adoreable animals you'll be able to crochet include: -A fish -An elephant -A bumblebee -A giraffe -And an adorable eggy pig.
Codice ISBN: 9780760355077

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