Editore: TIMBER PRESS  (2010)


Bamboos are valued for their attractive culms, year-round foliage, and ability to add serenity to any garden scene. They add style to a garden and are ideal for screening eyesores and buffering noise. But the key to success is careful selection. Practical Bamboos features the 50 best bamboos based on appearance and usefulness. A handy checklist allows readers to pick plants that are right for them at a glance. A section on using bamboo in the garden covers topics such as incorporating bamboos in the mixed border, using them to create Japanese-style or Mediterranean-style gardens, using them for hedges and edging, establishing them in containers, choosing the right ones for difficult places, and selecting the best plants for small gardens or waterside planting. Gardeners new to bamboo will relish the imaginative design and landscaping ideas and feel inspired to take a chance on a dynamic, rewarding plant.

Pagg. 175, cm 19x23, brossura.
Codice ISBN: 9781604690569

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