di FIFE J. D.
Editore: CHIMAIRA  (2007)


07Star tortoises are without a doubt some of the most attractive tortoises on the planet, with beautiful yellow and black "star" patterns on their shells. As captives, they require a watchful eye and warm, dry conditions to thrive. Captive-hatched offspring are becoming increasingly abailable from tortoise breeding programs. These tortoises are not only enlarging the population of Star tortoises, they are allowing hobbyists to share their lives with these marvelous tortoises.In this book, expert tortoise breeder Jerry Fife presents insights into the captive care and breeding of Indian Star tortoises, Sri Lankan Star tortoises, and the rare Burmese Star tortoise, which is currently listed as one of the world's 25 most threatened turtles. This book contains detailed information on indoor and outdoor enclosures, proper feeding and nutrition, breeding, egg incubation, care of young tortoises, and health information for all levels of keepers. Included is an interesting chapter on the l07ives of these tortoises in nature with insights from Anslem de Silva, an expert herpetologist who is intimately familiar with these amazing tortoises.

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