Editore: BENTELI  (2019)


The photos in this volume were taken under studio-like conditions that are, however, always at the mercy of chance: Silvio Maraini photographed horses in their familiar surroundings, often in a riding hall, sometimes in a box or in the shade of a barn. Through reduced lighting, a calm, monochrome background, and the absence of a bridle or halter, the noble creature is removed from its everyday context. Free from distraction, the gaze is led to the important details and concentrates on what is essential in the picture - the horse and its charisma. In the eyes one means to recognize shyness, curiosity, skepticism, indifference, pride, serenity or caution. What they really feel, what they think or know remains hidden to the viewer - but it simply doesn't seem relevant, no matter whether it's a successful sport horse, a popular show horse or a famous breeding horse. With an introduction by Olympic gold medal winner Ingrid Klimke.

Pagg. 144, rilegato.
Codice ISBN: 9783716518564

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