di JAMES D. G.
Editore: IVY PRESS  (2017)


While butterflies and moths are among the most beautiful and most-studied creatures in nature, caterpillars, although just as diverse, alluring, and fascinating, are rarely studied in such detail. Now, with this impressive and informative guide, they can be. This taxonomic survey profiles 600 key species from around the world, with spectacular photographs. Each entry details the notable attributes of the species, uncovers their camouflage and forms, and describes the variety of the defenses that they employ. Glorious photographs show both a life-size view and a magnified close-up that reveals each caterpillar's intricate structure, and there is also a two-tone engraving of the adult specimen, emphasizing the wing patterns and tones, for each type. Featuring a population distribution map, and table of essential information, this visually stunning guide to some of the world's least-known creatures is a definitive resource for all enthusiasts.

Pagg. 656, cm 18x28, rilegato.
Codice ISBN: 9781782405061

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