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There has never been a better time to plant trees. As well as playing a vital role in the health of the natural world and of us humans, these essential life-giving plants also deliver a vast array of hidden benefits such as cooling shade, rainfall interception and carbon capture - but only if we plant the right tree in the right place. International tree expert Henrik Sjoeman along with garden designer and passionate advocate for the environment Arit Anderson have created this visionary resource suitable for the world's temperate regions. It opens with a clear explanation of ecosystem services and how trees deliver them. Some trees excel at particular roles such as providing food for pollinators at times when it is scarce or filtering air pollution. Others have adapted in ways that allow them to cope with extreme conditions such as drought, low-nutrient soil and high winds. At the heart of the book is a unique A-Z Tree Directory representing more than 550 trees chosen for their ecosystem benefits, resilience and a host of other criteria that will ensure their continuing contribution to our future gardens and landscapes. A further quick-reference Tree Selection Table provides key attributes for each species at a glance. This important new tree selection guide marks a step change in approach that will lead to more trees reaching their full potential and a richer environment for future generations.

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