Editore: OZONE ZONE BOOKS  (2011)


Text in English & French. This happy and sunny, bilingual book will take you to a few selected islands of the West Indies: Barbados, Mustique, Bequia, Grenada, and St. Lucia -- exploring diversified life-styles as shown in a wide range of homes. From small homes in fishing villages, to heritage plantation houses, designer homes, an extravagant artist's studio, to multi-million-dollar mansions surrounded by sumptuous tropical gardens, and a surprising boutique-hotel that defies all standards. Think of this book as an exotic storyteller, inviting you to discover hide-away heritage treasures, as well as modern wonders, all in the midst of breath-taking beauty of nature. There are also some additional advantages this book can offer. You can find there inspiration for re-decorating your home; or, if you're looking for unique accommodation or sightseeing ideas for your next holiday, it may provide you with answers. You can also meet there some charismatic, acclaimed architects, should you need such contacts. The book is written in a very vivid style, with a fresh and personal approach. The photographs (edited using the newest techniques for juicy, vibrant colours) will impress you with their excellence and will stay in your memory. Overall, this is a book of the highest quality in its genre, one the most discerning book-lover can be proud to own and display in their home. That's because it was born of passion -- the authors' passion for fine architecture, for life-stories, for nature, for beauty in every form. The authors perceive fine architecture as living spaces, living entities that are constantly evolving and changing, thanks to their owners' personal imprint and personal tastes. They are real Living Art, continually transforming itself under the dedicated care of their keepers -- 31 unique treasures awaiting your discovery.
Codice ISBN: 9780981327907

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