Editore: SOUTHWATER  (2013)


This title is an illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and over 110 beautiful photographs. Everything you need to know at a glance in one handy and beautifully illustrated practical guide. It includes full photographic directory of more than 40 common and exotic water plants, from bog plants and marginals to oxygenating plants and water lilies. For each plant, full botanical information is provided on history, growth, hue, height, spread and suitability. It offers step-by-step photographic guidance on buying plants, propagation, routine maintenance, and pests and diseases. Includes instructions on how make a pond with a liner, stocking your finished pool, and adding ornamental fish. A highly accessible guide to bringing water plants into your garden, whether you have a large or small space. Water gardens are increasingly popular, not only for the exciting variety of plant life that can be cultivated, but also for the diversity of animal species attracted by the aquatic environment. This clear and accessible book explains how to use water plants to their best advantage, as well as providing an illustrated directory of over 40 recommended varieties. It explains the difference between bog plants and oxygenators, surface floating plants and deep-water plants, with practical advice on growing and maintenance. From selecting and caring for water plants to making your own pond, the book will help you to create a water feature to enjoy for years to come.

Pagg. 64, cm 20x24, brossura.
Codice ISBN: 9781780192420

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